Polish Geographical Journal

Polish Geographical Journal

About the journal

Czasopismo Geograficzne (Geographical Journal) is a periodical issued since 1923. Its publisher is one of the oldest scientific societies in Poland—Polish Geographical Society (PTG). Since March 2021 the headquarters of the Editorial Office of Czasopismo Geograficzne has been the Faculty of Human Geography and Planning of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Czasopismo Geograficzne is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary scientific open-access journal, currently published quarterly. It welcomes studies from the following disciplines:

  • socio-economic geography and spatial management;
  • Earth and environmental sciences.

More information about the journal is available here.

Current issue

Tom 94, Zeszyt 1

In preparation



ISSN: 0045-9453

MEiN (Ministry of Education and Science) points: 70

Owner of the journal: Polish Geographical Society (PTG)

Register No: Pr 2119 (2)


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  • Index Copernicus (ICI Journals Master List).

Co-financed by means of Polish State Budget.
Task: Raising the level of publishing and editing practices, increasing the impact of journals on the development of science and maintaining journals in the international scientific circulation.
Beneficiary: Czasopismo Geograficzne
Agreement: RCN/SN/0239/2021/1
Value of financial support: 79 890 PLN
Total value: 79 890 PLN