Statement by the Polish Geographical Society on the military attack by Russia on Ukraine

Statement by PTG On Thursday, 24th of February 2022, in the early morning hours, Russia launched an unprecedented invasion of Ukraine. The Polish Geographical Society strongly condemns the extremely dangerous and completely unfounded aggression by Russia against an independent and undivided Ukraine. Unjustified and unprovoked aggression is a clear violation of international law.

Ukraine is a democratic and sovereign country with beautiful aspirations expressed on the international forum, although facing many social and economic challenges. By bordering with many countries, it builds relations within Europe based on good neighbourly principles, respect and cultural tolerance. Thus, the country has the right to expect kindness from its neighbours, rather than brutal hostility.

We strongly believe that the actions of the president of Russia and of the local government apparatus, unprecedented in the 21st century and inhuman in the civilized world, will not be carried out with the complete passivity of Russian society and will be met with opposition and a peaceful reaction by the civilian population.

We call on the authorities of the Republic of Poland to make a decisive and adequate diplomatic retaliation towards Russia, and to support the process of democratization of that country by all possible means. We count on providing Ukraine and its citizens with the necessary help.

We express our enormous support to all Ukrainians. We assure Ukrainian geographers – scientists, practitioners, PhD candidates and students working with us on a daily basis – about our care and willingness to help. The numerous Ukrainian diaspora in Poland are also geographers who conduct research or study at Polish universities and work in Polish companies. You can count on our hospitality and help.

On behalf of the Polish Geographical Society
Members of the Presidium of the Main Board of PGS