Propose an event for the GeoNight2023

GeoNight2023 GeoNight2023 is coming! Also in 2023 Polish Geographical Society – the proud member of the Association of Geographical Societies in Europe EUGEO – supports “GeoNight”, an initiative conceived to link countries on an international scale with small and medium events with geography in the heart. The aim is, also, to reach with our discipline even beyond the limits of the Academy, and to show an international interest and support for Geography. GeoNight2023 is on April 14th.

More information are on the international GeoNight website. This is, and it will be, a work in progress, but now essential information are just available. There is a webform to propose an event. The deadline to propose an event is February 5. In countries where there are other large geographical events shortly before or after, and a large participation is not possible, even two or three small events will be enough to support the GeoNight!

In 2017, the French National Geographical Committee (CNFG) initiated the first “Nuit de la Géographie (GeoNight)”, which took place in Paris and in a dozen other French cities. In 2018 and with the support of EUGEO, the events reached a European scale. In 2019, with International Geographical Union, more countries around the world organized GeoNight events. Over the years, these events have become highly popular and successful, as demonstrated by the great public diversity, the thousands of people attending GeoNight around the world, the enthusiasm of the events’ organizers, and the recognition of the events’ quality by many international geography associations.