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Volume 94, Issue 1, 2023

Tom 94, Zeszyt 1




M. Kistowski
The method for assessing the value and management of the landscape and its application for selected small towns of the Province of Pomerania covered by protected landscape areas
pp: 5–38, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-01

F. Imanov, I. Aliyeva, S. Nagiyev, H. Leummens
Changes in the annual flow of the Kura River
pp. 39-52, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-02

G. Kvinikadze, T. Dolbaia, V. Chkhaidze
Geographical problems of economic development of the seaside towns controlled by the government of Georgia: The cases of Batumi and Poti
pp. 53-74, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-03

K. Badora
Occurrence, development and basic structural features of landscape-nature complexes of small towns in Poland
pp. 75-101, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-04

I. Jażdżewska
Quantitative and qualitative transformations of the street network in the geographical space of the New Town, a historical morphological unit of Łódź
pp. 103-123, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-05

A. Zajadacz, A. Lubarska
Sensory gardens as a new form of urban green space in smart sustainable cities
pp. 125-145, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-06

A. Jasion
Spatial accessibility of selected services around Łódź football stadiums based on the 15-minute city concept
pp. 147-171, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-07

A. Kołodziejczak
The use of the Polski e-bazarek online marketplace for the development of smart services in agricultural holdings of the wielkopolskie voivodeship
pp. 173-189, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-94-08


Volume 93, Issue 4, 2022

Front matter




E. Szkurłat, A. Hibszer, I. Piotrowska, T. Sadoń-Osowiecka
Education of geography teachers in Poland in 2000–2022: Causes and effects of the crisis, proposed solutions
pp. 607-638, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-24

T. Figlus, Ł. Musiaka, B. Włodarczyk, L. Wachecka-Kotkowska
The social role of geography as a science: empirical research results
pp. 639-663, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-25

E. Szkurłat, M. Adamczewska, B. Dzięcioł-Kurczoba
Perception of geographical education and its social role in Poland
pp. 665-701, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-26

A. Bokwa, B. Kicińska, Ł. Kurowski, L. Wieczorek
Climate change as an educational challenge
pp. 703-730, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-27

Tomasz Wites
Schoolchildren’s participation in shaping urban space on the example of school projects experiences
pp. 731-746, https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-28


Congress of Geographical Education – report – Elżbieta Szkurłat
pp. 747-755

Volume 93, Issue 3, 2022




M. Kowalski
Determinants of Ukraine’s geopolitical orientation
pp. 435-450, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-17

T. Michalski, Y. Matviyishyn, Y. Luhova
Weaknesses and successes of the Ukrainian administrative reform
pp. 451-472, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-18

A. Kuzyshyn, A. Kuczabski, I. Poplavska, S. Zadvornyi
Risk assessment of the social sphere development on the example of areas of the Carpathian-Podillia region (Ukraine)
pp. 473-493, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-19

Volume 93, Issue 2, 2022



Z. Sądowska, J. Biegańska, D. Wysocka


M. Dolata



M. Górska-Zabielska


A. Zajadacz, D. Goryńska


Igor J. Okuniew, Geografia polityczna – M. Sobczyński
pp. 371-378


Wspomnienie o profesorze Zygmuncie Maksymiuku (1932–2021) – P. Jokiel
pp. 379-385

Wspomnienie o doktorze Edwardzie Świtalskim (1937–2022) – J. Falkowski, Z. Podgórski
pp. 386-389

Wspomnienie o doktor Emilii Jaroszewskiej (1981–2022) – P. Churski, T. Stryjakiewicz

Volume 93, Issue 1

Front matter

Table of contents

The PTG’s statement on the armed attack by Russia against Ukraine (in Polish)


Cz. Adamiak
Short-term rental in Poland during the COVID-19 pandemic
pp.: 9-32, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-01

A. Bartnik, P. Jokiel
Flow components and variability of supplying the Ner river with post-treatment water from the Łódź Agglomeration
pp. 33-51, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-02

D. Sokołowski
Degraded towns in Wielkopolskie voivodeship as potential new towns
pp. 53-81, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-03

D. Wysocka, J. Biegańska, E. Grzelak-Kostulska
Identification and evaluation of the main problems of suburban zone development in planning and strategic documents. A case study of Bydgoszcz and Toruń poviats
pp. 83-106, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-04

J. M. Waga, B. Szypuła, K. Sendobry, M. Fajer
Traces of human activity in the woodlands of the “Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie” Landscape Park read from LiDAR data and their importance in heritage protection
pp. 107-138, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-05

R. Szkup, T. Michalski
Tourism in suburban zones of Polish cities: research trends and challenges
pp. 139-160, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-06

J. Weltrowska, E. Bogacka, J. Hauke, A. Tobolska
Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning during the pandemic of COVID-19 in the opinion of teachers of schools in the Wielkopolska region
pp. 161-178, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-93-07


Volume 92, Issue 2

Front matter

Table of contents



A. K. Dembicka-Niemiec
Changes in the city space against the background of the sustainable development concept: The case of Opole
pp.: 193-216, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-09

S. M. Koziarski
Population potential of the cities and the network of highways and expressways in Poland
pp.: 217-256, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-10

R. Wróbel
Changes in the spatial structure of the landscape in the area of the Opawskie Mountains Landscape Park from the 19th to the 21st Century
pp.: 257-278, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-11

P. Motek
Tax mimicking: the impact of neighboring municipalities on agricultural tax rates in wielkopolskie voivodeship
pp.: 279-296, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-12

D. Sikorski, P. Tomczak, A. Latocha, R. Szmytkie, P. Miodońska, K. Kajdanek
From an agrarian to amultifunctional economy, functional changes in rural areas and villages on the example of Kłodzko poviat
pp.: 297–324, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-13

P. Śleszyński
Syntethic indicator of the quality of life in Polish communes at the beginning of the third decade of the 21st Century
pp. 325–352, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-14

M. Męczyński
Factors and conditions for the development of the creative class in European cities: the example of Birmingham, Leipzig, and Poznań
pp. 353-375, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-15

A. Massel, A. Soczówka
Passenger express trains in Poland – development and evolution after the Second World War
pp. 377-403, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-16

C. Mądry
The regional dimension of industrialization and deindustrialization. The case study of Georgia
pp. 405-444, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-17


Spotkania z Profesorem Stefanem Żyndą – J. Kijowska, K. Fagiewicz
pp. 445-452

Volume 92, Issue 1

Volume 92, Issue 1

Front matter

Table of content


A. G. Druzhinin, I. A. Dets
Problems and prospects of Siberian inland territories’ development in the context of Russian marine economic activity
pp.: 5-24, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-01

J. Kaczmarek-Khubnaia
Social exclusion in Georgia and its impact on socioeconomic development of the country and its regions
pp.: 25–47, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-02

M. Adamiak
Deep learning in the geographical space remote sensing interpretation – review of selected issues
pp.: 49–72, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-03

J. Hauke
Statistical methods in socio-economic geography: a historical outline as well as limitations and advantages of their use in the digital age
pp.: 73–93, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-04

R. Bul
The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the catchment area of Poznań-Ławica airport
pp.: 95–120, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-05

M. Smolarski, M. Suszczewicz
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the operation of regional rail transport in border areas – on the example of Lower Silesia (PL) and Liberec Region (CZ)
pp. 121–140, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-06

V. Pantyley, G. Kisla, M. Butrym
Students in East-Central Europe: symmetry or assymetry of life goals? A study of Poland and Ukraine
pp. 141–157, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12657/czageo-92-07


P. Śleszyński, K. Czapiewski (red.),  Atlas WyszehradzkiA. Jach-Chrząszcz
pp. 159-162


Wiktor Osuch (1969-2021): Nasz Przyjaciel i WspółpracownikD. Piróg, A. Świętek
pp. 163-167

Dr Jędrzej Gadziński (1985-2020)P. Ciesiółka
pp. 168-171

Sprawozdanie z 62. Zjazdu Polskiego Towarzystwa GeograficznegoM. Helt
pp. 172-176

Warsztaty Geograficzne “Zróżnicowanie przyrodnicze, społeczno-ekonomiczne i kulturowe Gruzji” 5–19.07.2021L. Andrzejewski, K. Skolasińska
pp. 177-185

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Volume 91, Issue 1-2


P. Śleszyński
The regularity of spatial diffusion of recorded SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections of the epidemic in Poland in the first 100 days
pp. 5-20

K. Heffner, B. Solga
The emigration region concept from the perspective of migration experiences of the Opolskie Voivodeship
pp. 21-36

P. Śleszyński
The concept of a new migration attractiveness indicator and its application
pp. 37-58

M. Mazur, M. Bednarek-Szczepańska, J. Bański, D. Mazurek
A methodological trial valuation of natural and landscape-related assets for tourism development in Poland’s rural areas, as set against their tourist movement
pp. 59-86

D. Syrek
Multisensorism of the landscape of the Tatra National Park – a case study of Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza
pp. 87-112

M. Ryszawa
Misteri d’Elx or the Assump tion of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a tourist product of Elche
pp. 113-126

K. Podhorodecka
Conditions for the development of tourism in Solomon Islands in 1995–2017
pp. 127-142

T. Podciborski, A. Zienkiewicz
A method of assessing tourist attractiveness historical objects
pp. 143-158

W. Jagodziński
Institutions and the spatial organization of the economy. Methodological perspective
pp. 159-182

W. Dragan, R. Szmytkie
Disintegration paths of the Katowice conurbation cities
pp. 183-206

K. Kożuchowski
Circulatory factors of the climate in Poland II: westerlies
pp. 207-234

K. Nieścioruk, M. Sosik
Using GIS tools in conducting and analysis of nature education in protected valuable nature areas
pp. 235-248

A. Giampiccoli, M. Mnguni, A. Dłużewska
Local food, community-based tourism and well-being: connecting tourists and hosts
pp. 249-268

A. Giampiccoli, O. Mtapuri
Further stages of the Investment Redistributive Incentive Model (IRIM) in tourism: towards mainstreaming community-based tourism
pp. 269-284

A. Dłużewska, A. Tuohino, F. Correia
Cultural ecosystem services and wellbeing policies for tourism – transnational and national challenges and opportunities
pp. 285-306


K. Kuciński
A Self-review of the jubilee book dedicated to Professor Kazimierz Kuciński: The trails of the economic geography. Space-Institutions-Methodology
pp. 307-314

F. Plit
The speech should be like a kiss
pp. 315-319

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Volume 90, Issue 1


Table of contents


G. Iwanicki, A. Dłużewska A.
Selected aspects of European city break travel
pp. 5-17

G. Iwanicki
International dark sky communities as an example of dark-sky landscape conservation on urban areas
pp. 18-40

K. Michalczuk-Ouerghi, A. Dłużewska
Islamic terrorism and tourism – an attempt to assess the premises and consequences
pp. 41-59

K. Michalczuk-Ouerghi
The influence of national stereotypes on the choice of tourist destination – case of Tunisia
pp. 60-74

E. Błaszczak
School and children`s youth rest in geographical approach – on the example of Lesser Poland voivodeship
pp. 75-87

A. Gonia, Z. Podgórski
Assessment of tourist function development in communes of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship
pp. 88-104

H. Michniewicz-Ankiersztajn, I. Józefowicz
Bydgoszcz Canal and its potential in creating sustainable and ecotourism products – the example of urban greenway
pp. 105-122

M. Kozłowska-Adamczak
The process of shaping tourist facilities development in peripheral areas in the context of leisure tourism. Case study of the Krajna Region (Poland)
pp. 123-147

J. Walenciuk
Implementation of the concept cultural ecosystem services in tourism studies in the lake area
pp. 148-159

J. Szczęsna, J. Rodzoś
School tourism in the city – current condition and needs
pp. 160-172

M. Wesołowska
Local resources in rural areas of the eastern part of Lubelskie voivodeship in the context of tourism development
pp. 173-191

J. Rodzoś, J. Szczęsna
Tourism in the world of consumption
pp. 192-205

W. Kamińska, M. Mularczyk
Defining agritourism – theorists versus polish academic youth
pp. 206-224


Międzynarodowa konferencja naukowa RSA CEE 2019 w Lublinie – A. Jakubowski
pp. 225-227

Obchody 50-lecia Uniwersytetu Kazimierza Wielkiego w Bydgoszczy z punktu widzenia działalności Instytutu Geografii – M. Kozłowska-Adamczak
pp. 228-236

Volume 90, Issue 1 (full)

Volume 90, Issue 2

Tom 93, Zeszyt 1


Table of contents


K. Tur-Marciszuk, A. Ruszczak, J. Hucuł-Stróżewski, J. Gudowski, J. Nesteruk
Elementy kultury huculskiej. Badania terenowe w 2019 r.
pp. 3-4

K. Tur-Marciszuk
Ireneusz Marciszuk – fotograf krajobrazów kultury
pp. 5-9

J. Hucuł-Stróżewski, J. Gudowski
Gospodarka pasterska na połoninach w grzbiecie Kukula. Obserwacje
w latach 1999-2019
pp. 11-20

A. Ruszczak
Świat nadprzyrodzony huculskich pasterzy
pp. 21-35

J. Gudowski
Praktyki ezoteryczne w gospodarce zwierzęcej na Huculszczyźnie
pp. 37-56

J. Nesteruk
Wyjątkowość florystyczna Czarnohory (Karpaty Wschodnie) na tle ogólnych przemian szaty roślinnej
pp. 57-72

K. Tur-Marciszuk
“Ludowy strój” huculski na Zakarpaciu (we wsi Łazeszczyna i w osiedlu typu miejskiego Jasinia)
pp. 73-89

A. Zagórowska, M. Rostropowicz-Miśko
Migrations of university graduates and the formation of human capital  in the Opole Voivodeship
pp. 91-110

D. Mazurek
Conditions for functioning of waste management system in Poland – social , spatial and infrastructural factors
pp. 111-130

P. Miodońska, A. Raczyk
Video games producers in Poland
pp. 111-155

M. Beim, B. Mazur, A. Soczówka, R. Zajdler
Factors affecting the intermodal transport development in the Greater Poland region. In search for an optimal public policy
pp. 157-188

I. Łęcka, A. Dudek, M. Kaniowska
Between Kampinos National Park and Kampinos Vistula Valley. Naturbanization in Leoncin commune in the 21th century
pp. 189-213

Volume 90, Issue 2 (full)


Volume 89, Issue 1-2

Tom 93, Zeszyt 1


Table of contents


J. Plit, F. Plit
The cultural landscape division and the cultural landscape province – their places in the hierarchical regionalisation of the cultural landscapes
pp. 3-16

A. Ciechański
Warszawskie koleje dojazdowe – potencjał utracony?
pp. 17-42

P. Śleszyński, M. Niedzielski
Application of telemetry data to daily and night estimation of population in Warsaw
pp. 43-60

M. Ryszawa
Tradition at risk about christmas markets and terrorism
pp. 61-70

Ł. Kubiak
The formation process of the Bydgoszcz-Torun ZIT partnership
pp. 71-92

O. Wiśniewski, A. Banaś, H. M. Kozłowski
Introduction of the concept of microbiome for geographers (PL)
pp. 93-106

O. Wiśniewski, A. Banaś, H. M. Kozłowski
Introduction of the concept of microbiome for geographers (ENG)
pp. 107-120

G. Kurt, A. Dłużewska
Gastro tourism potential and perspectives for Turkey – a theoretical approach
pp. 121-137


P. Śleszyński
Mapa religijności katolickiej w Polsce. Kilka uwag na marginesie dorocznego raportu Instytutu Statystyki Kościoła Katolickiego
pp. 138-144

M. Abbas Majeed Al-Jaafari
Spatial variation of the bridge transport network in Wasit governorate
pp. 145-154


Prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Pękala (1936-2018) – Z. Michalczyk, E. Kardaszewska
pp. 155-158

Zawody finałowe XLV Olimpiady Geograficznej w Kołobrzegu – T. Sawicki
pp. 159-161

Volume 89, Issue 1-2  (full)


Volume 88, Issue 1-2

Tom 93, Zeszyt 1


Table of contents


A. Palarz, M. Celiński
Heavy air pollution episodes in selected Polish Western Carpathians basinsHeavy air pollution episodes in selected Polish Western Carpathians basins
pp. 3-20

V. Vorovka, S. Hryshko
Determining the boundaries of the north-western Pryazovia region as a coastal zone for further studying and managing IT
pp. 21-30

K. Leziak
On the use of Terragen software in climatology
pp. 31-40

K. Kulesza
Assessment of the Mazovian Province area in terms of possible development of solar energy
pp. 41-48

M. Pajewska
Air temperature anomalies in Warsaw (1986-2015)
pp. 49-56

K. Waniek
Using GIS tools to evaluate theoretical potential of solar radiation
pp. 57-72

K. Wiejak, M. Miętus
Periodicity of extreme thermal conditions in Poland and selected aerials
pp. 73-92

K. Grabowska, J. Popławska
Thunderstorm days during periods with hot and heat weather in Naples (1986-2010)
pp. 93-103


Sprawozdanie z 13. Międzynarodowej Konferencji Naukowej pt.: Międzynarodowe i krajowe uwarunkowania rozwoju przedsiębiorczości w układach przestrzennych oraz 9. Ogólnopolskiego Zjazdu Nauczycieli Przedsiębiorczości, Kraków, 10-11 października 2016 roku – K. Krzesiwo, Ł. Quirini-Popławski, M. Semczuk, R Bielecki
pp. 105-109

Sprawozdanie z dorocznej międzynarodowej konferencji Królewskiego Towarzystwa Geograficznego oraz Instytutu Brytyjskich Geografów/ RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2017, Londyn 28.08 – 1.09.2017 – I. Łęcka
pp. 110-118

Informacje o konkursie „100-lecie PTG w 100 krajach” – W. Szymańska
pp. 119

Volume 88, Issue 1-2 (full)


Volume 87, Issue 1

Tom 87, Zeszyt 1


Table of contents

Photographers, note, letters – Florian PLIT


J. Plit, F. Plit
Risk of local development in the area of administrative border. Examples from France and Poland
pp. 11-20

J. Gudowski
Polish interdisciplinary research in Farafra in 1992-94
pp. 21-28

I. Łęcka
Changes in the spatial development of selected oases in Arab Countries, exporters of oil (ex. Libya and United Arab Emirates)
pp. 29-60

M. Wojtaszczyk
Polish studies of the desert areas during 11th International Geographical Congress – Kharga Oasis, 1925
pp. 61-68

A. Dudek
Protected areas in North Africa and the Middle East
pp. 69-80

T. Wites
Are the Sahara and Siberia depopulating? Population changes in areas characterised by adverse environmental conditions
pp. 81-100

J. Miętkiewska-Brynda, J. Makowski
Returning landscapes
pp. 101-122

P. Śleszyński
Delimitation of functional urban area of Krosno, Jasło and Gorlice (South Poland)
pp. 123-150

M. K. Kaniowska
The projects of global education implemented in the framework of Polish Development Co-Operation in the opinion of the citizens of Warsaw
pp. 151-162

W. Kamińska, M. Mularczyk
Changes of demographic types of small cities in Poland between 2004 and 2013
pp. 163-172


Opinion – P. Śleszyński. M. Grochowski, T. Kaczmarek, R. Krzysztofik
pp. 173-176

Volume 87, Issue 1 (full)

Volume 87, Issue 2


Volume 86, Issue 1-2


Volume 85, Issue 1-2


Volume 84, Issue 1-2


Volume 83, Issue 1-2
Tom 83, Issue 3-4


Volume 82, Issue 1-2
Volume 82, Issue 3
Volume 82, Issue 4


Volume 81, Issue 1-2
Volume 81, Issue 3
Volume 81, Issue 4


Volume 80, Issue 1-2
Volume 80, Issue 3
Volume 80, Issue 4

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