Polish Geographical Journal

About Journal

Czasopismo Geograficzne (Geographical Journal) is a periodical issued since 1923. Its publisher is one of the oldest scientific societies in Poland—Polish Geographical Society (PTG). Since March 2021 the headquarters of the Editorial Office of Czasopismo Geograficzne has been the Faculty of Human Geography and Planning of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Czasopismo Geograficzne is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary scientific open-access journal, currently published quarterly. It welcomes studies from the following disciplines:

  • socio-economic geography and spatial management;
  • Earth and environmental sciences.

The Editorial Board accepts also scientific articles in the field of: architecture and urban planning, environmental engineering, mining and power engineering if they correspond to the thematic lines of the journal and take into account the spatial aspect. What is particularly desirable are original theoretical or conceptual articles as well as empirical and experimental studies. However, they need to be deeply rooted in the source literature. Narrow, contributory local studies, based on standard methodology which show basic data do not fit the current agenda of the periodical and will not be eligible for print, even if they are factually correct.  Separate categories are:

  • the chronicle, announcements, reports on PTG activity;
  • letters, discussions, reviews, debates;

Articles in Czasopismo Geograficzne are published in the Polish or English language. By the decision of the Management Board of PTG, from 2022, the publication of a scientific article in the Geographical Journal is payable. The fee is charged only for those articles that meet the formal requirements, pass the initial verification, and receive the approval of reviewers and the Editorial Board.

The journal is published in a compact form, printed and virtual (on-line). The issues of Czasopismo Geograficzne are stored in 15 libraries in Poland, including the National Library. The published studies are filed and make available on the Czasopismo Geograficzne website under the licence