International Tourism Congress ITC2022 in partnership with PGS

Calendar on 17 Nov 2022

International Tourism Congress ITC2022 We sincerely invite you to International Tourism Congress ITC2022. This international event will be held in Łódź, on November 17-19, 2022. Polish Geographical Society is a proud partner of this congress which is organised in cooperation between project SPOT – Sustainable Spatial Planning of Tourism Destinations, Faculty of Geographical Sciences at University of Lodz, and Portuguese research centre CiTUR – Centre for Tourism Research, Development and Innovation.

Until September 15, 2022, both abstract submission and early bird registration are open. For those of you who are affiliated to one of partnering universities of Baltic University Programme, 20 scholarships are offered to cover the costs of congress fee.

ITC2022 congress as a main SPOT project’s event

International Tourism Congress ITC2022 is a main event disseminating the achievements of the project SPOT – Sustainable Spatial Planning of Tourism Destinations. During the congress, the special session will be organized to present the results of both researchers’ and students’ work related to sustainable spatial planning and sustainable tourism development in selected European destinations. This special session is organized also to commemorate tragically dead prof. Konrad Czapiewski from the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation PAS, one of the SPOT partner leaders. Participation in this special session is free of charge. However, registration is requested.

Main theme of ITC2022 congress

The main topic of ITC2022 is: “Tourism – Going Back/Forward to Sustainability”. Sustainable tourism has been widely discussed since the beginning of the 1990s. The roots of the notion are embedded in the concept of “green tourism”, resulting from understanding the negative impacts of a boom in mass tourism dating back to the 1960s, and a much broader and older idea of “sustainable development”. Recently, sustainability has been reconsidered as the response of tourism to nature-based challenges like climate change, bio- and geodiversity crisis, and cultural landscape degradation influenced by consumption-oriented and profit-oriented capitalist economies treating nature as a cheap asset.

Recently, sustainable tourism nowadays addresses social and spatial injustice resulting from social and economic inequalities, lack of territorial cohesion, and tourism’s spatial failures like over tourism or tourism hypertrophy. Sustainability, along with innovation (including information technology, mobile technology, robotics, and big data) are indicated as the most vital forces shaping the development of future tourism. Thus, in discussion about tourism during the ITC2022 congress, we are going both back and forward to sustainability.

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