The Visegrad Atlas has been published

Atlas Wyszehradzki / Visegrad Atlas In February 2021, the Wacław Felczak Institute for Polish-Hungarian Cooperation (IWPW) and the Polish Geographical Society (PTG) published the Visegrad Atlas. It is the result of the project carried out by PTG and was financed by IWPW. Its aim is to show the geographical specificity of the countries forming the Visegrad Group: Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia in their natural, socio-cultural and economic diversity. The publication is also an attempt at a comprehensive description of the phenomena and processes resulting from the intertwining of the historical and contemporary developmental conditions of the Visegrad countries.

The monograph was prepared by a group of over 40 authors, cartographers and editors who are respected specialists in the presented issues. These people are fellows of the Polish Academy of Sciences, leading Polish universities and professional think-tanks, but above all, great enthusiasts of geography and most of them members of the Polish Geographical Society, recently celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

We hope that “The Visegrad Atlas” will be a valuable and helpful item presenting natural, social, economic and spatial potential of the region and its various developmental conditions. The atlas is primarily addressed to administration and government employees, as well as experts, scientists, students and pupils interested in deepening their knowledge of the Visegrad countries. Thanks to simultaneous translation into English, the contents of the Atlas can also be consulted by a wide international audience. The Atlas has been published under the Honorary Patronage of the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki.

“The Visegrad Atlas” is now available at the IWPW online bookstore.