100th anniversary of The Polish Geographical Society

On 27th of January 2018, the 100th anniversary of the founding of The Polish Geographical Society is celebrated. To commemorate The Society’s anniversary, a solemn session of The Main Board of The PGS is organized. The session is combined with an occasional scientific seminar. The event takes place in Warsaw, at the Staszic Palace at 11.00 am. The ceremony is co-organized by The Polish Geographical Society and The Geographical Sciences Committee of The Polish Academy of Sciences under The National Patronage of The President of The Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, on the Centenary of Independence.

The very first meeting of The Polish Geographical Society took place on 27th of January 1918 in Warsaw, at the headquarters of The Polish Merchants Association, at Szkolna 10 Street. The founding members were people of various professions and scientific specialties, not only geographers. This emphasized the interdisciplinary and conciliatory nature of geography. The founding document was signed by 47 people, including Benedykt Dybowski, Władysław Gorczyński, Stanisław Lencewicz, Jan Lewiński, Jerzy Loth, Bolesław Olszewicz, Stanisław Pawłowski, Stanisław Poniatowski and Ludomir Sawicki.

The Polish Geographical Society is an organization representing Polish geographers on the national and international arena. It popularizes geography in Poland, primarily by geographic education, including organization of The Geographical Olympiad. The PGS integrates scientists conducting research on geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, landscape, urban and rural development, tourism, transport, industry, demography, cartography, geoinformatics and many other scientific areas. The PGS considers the space and the places where the challenges of the changing world are revealed.

More about the 100th anniversary of The Polish Geographical Society can be found on the website: https://ptgeo.org.pl/en/100-anniversary/.