GeoNight 2022 – 1st of April 2022

Calendar on 1 Apr 2022

GeoNight 2022 The GeoNight 2022 is going to take place on 1st of April 2022, simultaneously all around the world. Doesn’t matter how – face-to-face, online or hybrid – it is important that we meet. Save the date! And by 21st of February, be sure to submit your event proposal! EXTENDED DEADLINE for event proposals!!! The new deadline to submit event proposals has been extended to 28th of February 2022.

This year marks the 6th edition of the “Nuit de la Géographie / GeoNight”, which was initially launched in 2017 by the Comité National Français de Géographie (CNFG) and rapidly supported and promoted by the European Association of Geographical Societies (EUGEO) and International Geographical Union (IGU). Over the years, new countries have joined the adventure and hundreds of events have been organised worldwide to promote geography and geographers to so many people. Just to confirm that geography matters!

Despite the health regulations and strict measures put into place in many countries in 2021, 36 countries and several thousands of people participated in 5th edition of GeoNight. This stresses the enthusiasm generated worldwide by this event. And makes us sure that GeoNight 2022 will be a great success of geography. Just kike a year ago, the Polish Geographical Society will join that initiative for sure.

The main goal of events of GeoNight 2022 is to promote geography and geographers to the general public during one night / evening a year simultaneously around the world. We hope this year will be a possibility given the circumstances to organize these events in person. In case you decide to organise events online, various activities could be considered such as: lectures, podcasts, posters/photos competitions, virtual urban walks, quizzes, amongst others. Just be creative, as always!

Thanks to Italian Association of Geographers the website of GeoNight has been launched last year: Please, have a look at last year’s events! The website gathers information on the events organised as well as the key principles. For this year, we are naturally going to use that platform again. Thus, mind to visit the website and propose the event for GeoNight 2022 using special ONLINE FORM. The deadline to submit completed form is 21st of February. Find the guidelines about organising events HERE.

Map of GeoNight2022 events